Jaragi is the Kannada word for ‘shift’. The performance is mix of text, movement, and song.

I am not there.

A gentle invitation to move, even if slightly, beyond our ‘takes’ and ‘positions’ so that we can sense the subtle intricacies that lie beyond our roots.

Jaragi is an interplay of three narratives that take an intimate gaze upon several ideas – purpose of love, reasons for leaving, functions of myth…

The performance traverses through many terrains in order to remind us of the diverse states of being that exist within and around.

Jaragi is performed by Anish Victor, Ekta Mittal, and Pallavi Chander. Primarily in English, with a smattering of Tamil, Kannada, Konkani, and Hindi; the performance works best when the audience is small, ranging between 15 to 30 people. The performance space is not demarcated and the performers can fit into almost any space. Also, there are no special sound or lighting requirements.


While we would be delighted to receive a modest performance fee, we usually keep a contribution box and invite our audiences to drop a few green ones. The monies earned sustains the work.

Jaragi started performing on Friday, 29th March, 2019 and is now ready to travel into living rooms, terraces, and small offices.

For bookings and other queries, please write to us at